The Company

Profimec in Piacenza Profimec in Piacenza Profimec srl is an independent family-owned company, it was founded in 1994 with the purpose to develop filtration solutions to be installed on cutting machines (oxy-fuel, plasma and laser). Today Profimec is one of the leading companies in this industry and has become an ideal partner to supply reliable and advanced filtration machinery specifically designed to meet the needs of the metal-working industry.



Assembly department Assembly department In addition to the filtration machinery, Profimec has also developed a wide range of automated machinery useful to increase the customer productive capacity. All products are designed and constructed within its factory by a team of specialists supported by advanced software, tools and machinery.





The Policy

Engineering department Engineering department We believe that close communication and teamwork with our customer at every stage of the process is the key to success.
This ensures a high level of flexibility and ultimate success from the development of the right system through production,
installation and certification.